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"This is a crime scene investigation.

cluck you!
We can be as hard-ass as we want."

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Terry Kinney Interview

cluck you!
отрывок интервью с Терри Кинни (Боско), которое меня так расстрогало..
интервью связано с восьмой серией, где его персонаж погибает *плак*

- How were you celebrated on your final day?
- On my last day I was in the hospital bed and (show creator) Bruno Heller came to the set late at night. Everyone gathered and it was very moving. I really got that they wanted me to stay, but the integrity of that arc had to be honored.

- Did you receive a cake with a big red smiley face on it?
- (Laughs) You know, when I came to do my last episode, I saw the wall with the smiley face, and I went ‘Ah f—.’ Actually, they gave me a bottle of champagne that I won’t touch. I’m just going to leave it in my refrigerator to remember them by.

- The episode also marked Gregory Itzin’s farewell as Lisbon’s boss, Virgil Minelli. Did you get to know him well?
- I did. What a lovely guy. He was incredibly sad. When he left, he brought me a little straw fedora because he noticed I always wear hats. But he just dropped it in my trailer. He didn’t stop to say ‘goodbye’. He took off. Everyone said that when he was done he slipped out the back door because I think he was sad about it. I did the opposite. I went around hugging everybody forever until they were probably like, ‘Get out – you’re dead!’

- So Greg wasn’t expecting this?
- I think he was as surprised as anybody. I don’t know that his character was meant to be finite. We did joke with each other about our leaving – who goes first? And if either of us was going to get a monologue.

- Last question. If you had to guess who Red John is, who would you guess?
- I always felt it should be a very handsome, and well-to-do person. And played by someone well known to us.

- So maybe you, coming back as Bosco’s long-lost twin?
- A guy with a little more hair and glasses… Oh no. We talked about that, but I just got a laugh.

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и да, да, как же без Патрика Джейна?!

cluck you!
серия намба 7! и если в той, где был дом с призраками, главный возглас был spooky! то теперь это cowboys! xDDD
а последние пять минут как-то странно подействовали.. было бы лучше если бы их в серии вообще не было? хм.
конечно, Джейн не такой уж и хороший.. а Боско, как выяснилось, не такой уж и плохой. ну да, да.
посмотрим, что же там будет дальше.

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мысль перед сном..

cluck you!
шестая серия менталиста ОПРЕДЕЛЁННО:

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The Mentalist

cluck you!
пятаясерияпятаясерияпятаясерия!!! ыааа!!!!! она наконец у меня!!!!
Патрик, я иду к тебе!!! XDDDD

ps - хотя да, как всегда первый скаченный торрент оказался битой лажей. спасибо, что хоть не порево((( судя по остальным скачиваниям, мне осталось подождать всего лишь 48 часов и 40 минут ну или 1 день и 2 часа. я даже не знаю, что лучше!
зато есть время поставить чайник!..
и выпить стопицот чашек чая..
и ещё убиться тапком..
или вырастить плантацию бамбука..
или собрать космический корабль из подручных материалов..

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cluck you!
качаю вторую серию второго сезона менталиста! YAY!

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